Sensory Profile Toolkit - 2019

Sensory Profile Toolkit: A Sensory Resource for Parents of autistic Children.

NEW updated version 2019

This book begins with an introduction to sensory differences in autism and an explanation of the sensory system. Following this is a sensory checklist for each of the 8 senses:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Proprioception (sense of self in space)
  • Vestibular (balance)
  • Interoception (sense of body, discomfort and pain)

The book then goes onto an interpretation of the results, followed by a list of suggested activities.

The book is wire bound with a laminated cover and is designed to be written in.

It does not replace a sensory assessment, but will help parents who are struggling in this area to understand some of the ways they can support their child.