Attention Card for People with Autism over 11 Years Old

Attention Card for People with Autism over 11 Years Old

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ‘Attention Card’ is designed for adults and young people over 11 years old who go out in the community on their own and have a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Attention cards can be useful for people on the autistic spectrum. They are designed for personal use when people need to bring to the attention of others that they have autism.

The numbers of cards that can be ordered in a single order are limited to 3 per order to avoid people misusing the cards and to ensure we always have a reliable stock of cards available for those that need them.

Many people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder already carry this Attention Card.

They have found it useful in a variety of situations including:

• When dealing with the police

• When they are attended to by Ambulance Staff or at Accident & Emergency Departments

• When having difficulties on public transport

• When having difficulties at Council or Benefits Offices

Since the introduction of the Autism Act 2009 the public sector are becoming more aware of the issues for people with an ASD, who despite being able to cope well most of the time, may occasionally find themselves needing assistance or in situations which cause them anxiety.

Autism West Midlands is actively promoting greater awareness and offering training to organisations both in the public and private sector to ensure that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are made by their staff when dealing with people with an ASD in line with the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010.

Many other autism organisations throughout the UK have sought advice from Autism West Midlands and have introduced similar cards in their region, so police and other emergency services nationally are likely to recognise the card if produced outside the West Midlands region.

So who should apply for a card and why?

• Anyone with a formal diagnosis of an ASD

• Because when it is shown to professionals they can adjust the way they deal with the person carrying it to make it easier for everyone.

The rear of the card explains to a professional exactly what they need to do. It also allows the person carrying the card to choose who they would wish contacted to help them if necessary.