Autism Information Pack for parents

Autism Information Pack for parents

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Autism Information Pack for parents is unavailable

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We've produced this information pack for families where a child has received a diagnosis of autism.


It contains:

Information sheets on:

    • Jargon Buster
    • Autism & Technology (helpful apps)
    • Autism & Communication
    • Choosing a school
    • Telling a person about their autism
    • Choosing autism interventions – key principles
    • Autism, change and transition
    • EHC plans
    • Autism and behaviours of concern
    • Helping children with autism to learn
    • Useful tools and schemes
    • Friendships
    • Autism-friendly cinema
    • PDA
    • Autism and sensory differences
    • Further education strategies for assisting students with autism
    • Telling other people about autism
    • Family Fund grants
    • Asperger syndrome
    • Fun activities
    • Autism and sleep
    • Managing stress and anxiety – Guide for parents and carers
    • Available information sheets
    • Information leaflets on general services open to all areas

A pack of autism cards, explaining the condition simply (Sold separately for £1.50)

A copy of our "You are not alone" book (Sold separately for £3)

3 x "I have autism" cards

A copy of Autism Matters magazine (Sold separately for £3.99)


All the information is contained within a large folder so you can keep it safe and refer to it when you need to.


Each pack will cost £6 plus postage and packing.

We do not have funding to give away the pack for free, as it costs us to produce each one.

If you wish, you can download many of the information sheets on our website if you're happy to print them yourselves. There is no charge for this.