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Autism Matters is AWM's official magazine containing fantastic stories and experiences along with great information and advice. As always we also have lots of great stories that our readers have shared and we want to say a big thank you to them for sharing their experiences.


Autism Matters issues available:

Issue 21: Autumn 2016
In this issue: Student support, autumn activities, access to work, hints and tips for interviewing and much more. 

Issue 20: Summer 2016
In this issue: Autism-friendly cinema screenings, photography as a special interest, women and girls with autism and much more. 

Issue 19: Spring 2016
In this issue: Travelling by plane, Birmingham airport becomes autism-friendly, positive attitudes after diagnosis and much more. 

Issue 18: Winter 2015/16
In this issue: Choosing autism interventions, winter activities, amazing autistic celebrities and much more.

Issue 17: Autumn 2015
In this issue: Feeling safe during autumn, personal health budgets, stress and anxiety guide and much more. 

Issue 16: Summer 2015
In this issue: Celebrating 30 years of Autism West Midlands, an introduction to social stories, building independence and much more. Issue 9: Summer 2013

Issue 15: Spring 2015
In this issue: Strategies for coping with issues in the workplace, set up your own support group, Makaton and much more. 

Issue 14: Winter 2014
In this issue: Autism and sexuality, weighted therapy - what you need to know, SEND reforms and what they mean and much more.In this issue: Ask Annie, introduction to self directed support, gendered language and asperger's syndrome and much more.

Issue 13: Autumn 2014
In this issue: Decoding online dating, making sense of our senses, a guide to the Care Act 2014 and much more.

Issue 11: Spring 2014
In this issue: Autism and online communication, stories of women with autism, autism awareness day activities and much more.

Issue 10: Winter 2013
In this issue: An interview with Stuart Duncan, wear it for autism, autism-friendly theatres and much more.

Issue 9: Summer 2013
In this issue: Ask Annie, introduction to self directed support, gendered language and asperger's syndrome and much more.


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